Friday, August 14, 2009

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Not you Average Art Class!!!

Conscious Creativity:
Inspiring Art Classes where the Studio Comes to You
Instructor: Laura Murphy

Sessions begin with five minutes of simple Yoga stretches, five minutes of meditation, and five to ten minutes of journal writing and reflection. Music making is optional.

Six work-shops available:
Acrylic Painting from Emotion: painting emotions, experiences, memories, dreams, and developing expressive symbols on paper and canvas
Life, Perspective Experimentation and Abstract Drawing: still life, copying photographs, and drawing from imagination with graphite, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels on paper
Collage, Textiles, and Mobiles: transfer techniques using cut-outs from magazines, photos, sketches, textiles, and 3-D objects on wood board; mobiles will be made with found natural treasures and other materials
Mixed Media Approach: an expressive, adventurous mixture of materials from all workshops
Murals: designing and painting indoor or outdoor murals
Goddess Adoration: a special spin on creativity and expression through body temple adornment and sensation. This work shop is relaxing, healing, unifying, includes a creative project and is perfect for female rights of passages and other special occasions.

Class Fees: $35 per person, per class, and the fifth person is free. This is a base fee and includes all materials and light refreshments. Extra supplies costs, extended classes, and travel expenses beyond the LA Metro area will be added. Murals are $105.00 per person for nine hours of instruction (this price is equal to a regular three week class).
An hourly fee of $30.00 will be added if project exceeds nine hours.

Introduction to Conscious Creating with Laura: 1- three hour session
Regular Class: 3 – three hour sessions for three weeks

Recommended group size is 4-5 or more. I teach children, youth, adults, senior citizens, families, and at home schools, after school programs, recreation centers, senior citizen assisted living homes, and more.

Creative References:
Chris Torres (323)241-2181
Jamie Stokes (808)982-8891
Dodie McGere (503)550-5767
Rashaan Cruzé

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