Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

My recent manifestations of a claimed art career are working as I have mural work, sold a piece, and have finished two new pieces. My work really needs a place to hang and be seen. I am searching for venues, galleries, and even businesses. I think it is really smart for businesses to show local art work and I plan to take full advantage of these opportunities that are coming to me. Who knows where my work will end up but I know it will be the right places because I am creating that right now. I realize that I have to make the work, I am the artist, the why's and the how's will be revealed to me as I go and I am much too productive to waste time worrying :). I stay focused, enjoy myself, relish in gratitude for making a living doing what I love while working from my studio, and I take my work one step at a time. I am growing more and more confident and excited about my life and my vocation as my Higher Purpose is becoming crystal clear and my goals attainable.
Thanks for your support!

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  1. your work is stunning, deep, and expanding at quantum speed. keep it up girl, you inspire the world with your light, strength and beauty.