Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Dina" Finished 7/21/09

This Painting is Powerful!

I had no idea she, "Dina", wanted to be painted when I began smearing paint on the canvas. I find the process of creating art to be one of magic and mystery. The subject matter can be planned or not, but there is almost always a surprise element that wants, must, will shine through. In my work there is always a message from A Higher Power that I am channeling. I don't take the credit for my work, besides that I am willing to create it and to ask for Divine Inspiration, because I know without doubt that I am a medium, like the paint and canvas, to convey a Real entity, a Living message. Thought becomes form through me and I was manifested for exactly that purpose, to carry the message. We all have a purpose and it is our journey in Life to find out what that is.

Thought becomes form every day and we're responsible for it. As we take responsibility we learn that life isn't just happening to us or around us. We learn we are powerful artists creating in the flow. The fact that we manifest, whether we're conscious of our ability to do so or not, is always occurring starting with our thoughts and conscious thinking simply means that we know it is real, that we are creating. Our world, the Universe, Solar Eclipses, love, Nature, all Life, everything began as a manifestation of the Creator and then became form as a result. A skyscraper starts as an idea, a thought, then becomes form, a blue print, and then step by step a towering edifice. Creation is a direct and Divine reflection of the Creator, just as my painting is a reflection of me and where I am at in my life. Our realities correspond to our Identity. One aspect of myself I identify with more and more is that my art creates healing for myself and others.

Concerning "Dina", I was not conscious of her form wanting to be displayed, but I was conscious of newly learned lessons I find to be inspiring. Through art I am compelled to tell the story of my personal ascension towards enlightenment and self love, to create and express beauty and gratitude . "I am worthy of more than Mediocre Love, Are you?", "No longer trapped in an illusion of self", and the image of a bird flying free from a self created cage that was actually not a cage, but a boxed in way of thinking and living. I no longer have the need to trap myself so that I may learn I am and was born free! I am learning that my life, my relationships, my career, all of the details from daily encounters are my manifestations rooting in my Self Worth or lack of in some instances. If and when I give myself mediocre love that is what I tell the world I expect and am worth.

This recognition is a gift given to me, channels through me as a gift to others and is likened to the Image I am unconscious of when beginning a new piece, yet am guided to create on some subconscious level. That is the Grace of the Creator in action and I do not have to know the why's and how's of Life's paradoxes and mysteries as they occur to follow Good Orderly Direction. I create from this space, from a place of worth, from expecting and claiming that I will only accept love of the Highest degree in my life from myself and everyone. I claim that right here and now with full knowledge and Faith that I deserve this kind of love and that these conscious thoughts are in fact becoming form.

I am filled with gratitude for my life and all that has happened, is happening, for being an artist, and for the gifts of loving transformation. It is also a gift to acknowledge that part of me, my Higher Self, who is developing and doing the foot work, growing stronger every day. Being an artist is being a creator and I see so clearly NOW how I am "made in the image" of my creator and what responsibilities come with this knowledge.

I titled this piece, "Dina" because the woman and her dog remind me of my dear friend and it turns out, not coincidentally, that the colours, vibrancy, and ideas expressed tell part of her story of healing transformation too. I know that this painting expresses the stories of many and that is another reason why art is so amazing.

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