Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seed Pod Mobiles...Let Peace Begin With Me

This is my World Peace project...ambitious, not really, just conscious creativity. I paint and write messages on these natural treasures and give them to others to spread love and joy one pod at a time. This really works to improve my life as well, for my personal wealth grows as I am able to share what I have with others. I encourage others to utilize this idea or any variation of it because there is an abundance of free supplies out there falling from the trees and they make lovely, unique gifts. The people I give the pods to read the message and feel good. I am told often that they are sitting on a desk or shelf to be seen over and over and the pods serve as a reminder to value love, self, the Earth, and more. That can make a difference in some one's life. The smallest bit of love and kindness plants a seed that has the ability to turn into a beautiful garden, field, grove, and even forest over time.
The seed pods in the circle are from a Jacaranda tree and the others I am not sure, but they're all over my neighborhood! This piece is a mobile I made for my friend's was especially made for a very special person.

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