Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Pure Heart"

"Pure Heart" is a commissioned collaborative mural/collage by Chris Torres and me. The design is Chris' self portrait full of magical symbols and conscious intention setting. The black angel with a pure white heart is a captivating image which is a reflection of Chris and of the inherent dichotomies in himself and the world. We designed this piece based on his angel, natural elements, the Universe, and God's love. Through discussion and sketches one month prior to the actual painting. Chris built the mural, frame, and even the easel that held the giant painting. August 27 and 28, 2009, one symbol, one colour scheme at a time, we liberated this beautiful creation from the creative ether's of the soul and imagination and it resides in his home forevermore. "Pure Heart" is nine feet long and four feet tall, the largest painting I have ever been blessed to work on!

Thank you Chris Torres for your creative contributions to the world of art and conscious creativity and for allowing me to participate in this collaboration!!!

Thank you Faleena Hopkins for this photogragh!!!

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