Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angels in the City Of Angels

This city is rough, spread out, impoverished, desolate, and even harsh and violent...
yet I find it to be one of the more eccentric and lovely places rich in cultural diversity, Nature, Art and creative expression all over the place, and full of some of the most humble amazing people. My life in LA has been a pretty short, yet hard road, but is the road of Self Realization and my growing awareness of Divine Love and Compassion. I have so much to learn and even in this fast paced city...I am in no hurry.


  1. So who is this lovely mermaid and why all the colorful "wiry" hair?

  2. I did a sleep study a few weeks ago.They paid me 200 bucks to do it, and all i had to do was show up, watch cable TV and sleep! Those wires are electrodes and they were hooked up under my hair too! I had an EKG, wore a weird head band and wrist band throughout the night. This photo was taken at 5 am by the tech running the study.