Sunday, June 14, 2009

When my life changes before my eyes is there a reason? If what I believed to be real, everlasting, and pure is not, than what is? Will I survive the change even if what I thought was mine is taken from me? Who will I be and what will my life look like once the storm subsides? Am I the storm? Am I wrong? Even with so much fear within me there is a balance for my faith and courage are that of a Warrior . Acceptance is the key to my peace of mind. The answers may or may not come in time for me to get my way, to get what I think I want. That must eventually be okay for me to proceed on my vision quest. I am always human and allowed to go back to feelings of shame, guilt, resentments, anger, hatred, fear, victimization...and when I am ready there is a gentle and loving WAY OUT. I am blessed and may I be willing to choose the middle path, to be open, to follow the Good Orderly Direction in my life. May I be willing to be present here in the Infinite Now one moment at a time.

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