Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mural Projects in San Francisco

I 2005/2006 I participated as a volunteer in a couple mural projects in San Francisco's Mission District. I became interested in the mural art because it is one of the coolest most beautiful attributes of the neighborhood. Murals within the streets and alleys attract artists and admirers from all over the world. It truly is a magical creative place full of culture, vibrant colours and history. Once involved as a mural tour guide with Precita Eyes, the leading creative organization of the Mission, I became acquainted with Laura Campos. She and others at Precita Eyes were my first mentors who taught me to take art to the streets and alleys, to the community. They showed me how I could make a difference by organizing and collaborating with people of different backgrounds to create masterpieces using the city as the canvas. Our work, and the work of those amazing artists before us have affected the Mission and the world in such profound, positive, beautiful ways and have sent a message of devotion to a Higher Purpose and to Peace and equality for all. My experience living in the Mission and volunteering opened my eyes and heart to the vocation which calls me still, years later, which is Public Art and Urban Planning; working with groups to bring creativity, love, light, respect, tolerance, compassion, activism, and so much more to our local neighborhoods and the world on a broader scale.

There are many other beautiful murals in Horace Alley besides the photos on this page. These are only the murals I participated in.

These Photos were taken at the site of the Horace Alley Mural Project. This location was chosen because Laura Campos and other neighbors were frustrated with crime and believed their efforts to make change could restore some safety by replacing desolation with beauty that would and did attract neighbors and passers-bye to frequent the alley. The more paintings went up, the more people walked by, said hello and thank you, and the less trashy and seedy the alley was. She and other neighbors chipped in money to purchase paint and supplies and they began to change their reality. Groups such as the "I Have A Dream Foundation", an after school program for young girls painted their version of a popular view of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and a California Red Wood. One neighbor allowed Gerome Spruill, author of "Chocolate City", also an autistic artist from the organization, "Creative Growth", to paint the characters from his stories on his warehouse. I was blessed to participate in Gerome's Project, the young ladies' projects, and Laura and I painted a colourful, spiritual piece about unity and social tolerance as well.

I am very proud of this work, learned a great deal, and enjoyed it tremendously!
Thank you Laura and Precita Eyes for what you shared with me and for shining a light to my path and life's work!!!


  1. i love the mission for just these reasons. such a "people's city". i can so see you being a part of making change. i guess LA is next for you? sharing with your gardens, your art, your light!


  2. Hi Laura Murphy !
    as I remember , you didn't paint any of the other murals , you only painted one with me , I don't remember you painting any other mural besides the blue one that has your signature and mine ..please don't take credit for any of the other murals that don't have your name on them...thank you!
    please respect other people's art I do..Peace and love
    Laura Campos
    mission muralist SF